More than 40 years of experience

Grupo Merand is a company that is committed to leadership, with a clear business vision, financial strength, networking, business vision and the ability to establish strategic relationships; all this with the purpose of guaranteeing the success of our activities.

We are an international corporation supported by the values and principles that have accompanied us since our beginnings: quality of service, commitment, trust and respect.

The group is currently structured into two business areas:

  1. Real Estate
  2. Financial investments

We have more than 25 employees, we produce 125 indirect jobs and we have branches in the United States and Spain.

Our history

During the early years of our company, we provided technical support, transportation, and distribution services from well-known brands such as Austin Powder, Ensign Bickford, Famesa, Tec Harseim, Fertica, and Dyno Nobel, among others, to the mining, construction, and oil exploration sectors.

Andrés Fuentes Martínez


Grupo Merand currently belongs to ALA 19 Limited Partnership in Canada. It was originally the Fuentes Angarita family office. Our company was founded by Andrés Fuentes Martínez, as a result of his commercial experience and background in Mechanical Engineering and Oil Economy. The combination of his knowledge and expertise in the area generated the development of plants to serve the mining, construction, and oil exploration sectors in Venezuela.

After graduating in the 70s from Stanford University, California (BSc, MSc), Fuentes Martínez earned another master’s degree in Oil Economics from the Universidad Simón Bolívar in Caracas. In 1982, he began his career as a businessman.

Andrés Fuentes Angarita


In 1996, Andrés Fuentes Angarita joined the group’s management team to share his corporate experience in Sales and Marketing obtained through his professional experience at Procter & Gamble and British American Tobacco.

Fuentes Angarita obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, a graduate degree in International Business from Georgetown University, at Washington DC and a Magister in Psychology and Coaching from UNIACC in Chile.

After he joined the company, we began working on a new platform for the development of new businesses based on the core strengths of the group, to achieve sustained growth and diversifying.

Orica Mining Services and Grupo Merand

In 1997, a joint venture was established with the Australian multinational Orica Mining Services through the formation of the company Orica-GM Holdings in the United Kingdom. The company developed six industrial plants and provided specialized engineering services to the mining, construction, and oil exploration sectors in Latin America and the Caribbean. $25 million was invested in top-of-the-line technology to contribute extensively to these industries. In December 2023, the company was sold, bringing to a close a productive and successful relationship of more than 25 years with the Australian giant.


To be an international corporation capable of satisfying the requirements of our clients with leaders committed to the development of successful businesses.


We are a corporation of leaders who develop viable business models to offer excellent products and services to our clients, added value to our shareholders and professional growth to our team.

Corporate Values

We work as a team to achieve common goals.