Project Description

Grupo MRE

To diversify the business and expand our horizons into the international market, specifically in the United States and Spain, we created Grupo Merand Inc. (Grupo MRE) in 2002, which offers consulting services in real estate, and regarding the processes to buy, sell and lease real estate.

We have a multidisciplinary team with experience in real estate investments, taxes, accounting, law, property management and marketing, which allows us to offer a comprehensive service adapted to the needs of each individual or family.

In the United States, we offer a broad portfolio of sales and rental properties, specifically in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Las Vegas. In 2018, Grupo MRE joined HomeVestors of America, the number one buyer of properties in the United States, obtaining franchises in Miami, Tampa, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

The team for Spain and the United States is led by Hernán Rodríguez, company director and responsible for the development of new businesses in the real estate area.

Hernán is a Systems Engineer from the Universidad Metropolitana, with a Master’s in Finance from IESA and an extensive corporate career with more than 30 years of experience in companies such as Price Waterhouse Coopers, Deloitte Consulting and Accenture.

Grupo MRE (Spain)

Since its inception, MRE Spain has positioned itself and managed to build an inventory of real estate for the Spanish and international markets. To date we have successfully rotated more than 100 properties.

The focus of our business is not limited to a specific area of ​​Madrid. We look for the best opportunities wherever they are.

Currently, we have a team of professionals and strategic allies that allows us to identify the best investment opportunities to rotate within a period of no more than 180 days.


It is the commercial brand of the company in Spain, based in Madrid. It started in 2018 with an ambitious property rotation project, buying at a low cost, adding value and selling with an attractive profit margin.

The commercial area of ​​real estate in Spain is led by Claudio Artiles, who has a degree in Administrative Sciences (Commercial Engineering) from the Universidad Metropolitana, with a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management in Commercial Management at ESIC and another in Big Data and IOT at the MIOTI Tech & Business School. With more than 10 years of experience as a business developer and Marketing.

Real estate development and construction

In 2013, our real estate development operations expanded to Madrid, Spain, where we have successfully developed three residential projects:

Current projects

We are developing several luxury residential projects in Madrid and Miami, in rapidly growing areas, ideal for family living.


Seeking to add value to real estate transactions based on our experience and the relationships we have developed over nearly 20 years in the United States with developers and builders, the real estate business unit at Grupo MRE offers investment opportunities for our customers before they become available to the rest of the market. An example of this is the property portfolio we are currently promoting in the following areas: