Project Description

Grupo MRE

With the aim of diversifying the business and expanding horizons to the international market, specifically in the United States and Spain, in 2002 we created Grupo MRE, which offers real estate advisory services as well as real estate purchase, sale and rental processes.

We have a multidisciplinary team that has experience in real estate investments, which allows us to offer a comprehensive service adapted to the needs of each person or each family.

In the United States we offer a wide portfolio of property sales and rentals, specifically in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Phoenix and Las Vegas. In 2018, MRE Group joined Homevestor’s of America, which is the number one property buyer in the United States obtaining franchises in Miami, Tampa and Las Vegas.

Real estate development and construction

We have developed projects for various sectors, through construction, start-up and maintenance services, as well as after-sales support.

In 2013, our real estate development operations expanded to Madrid, Spain, where we have successfully developed five residential projects:


Seeking to add value to real estate transactions based on our experience and the relationships we have developed over nearly 20 years in the United States with developers and builders, the real estate business unit at Grupo MRE offers investment opportunities for our customers before they become available to the rest of the market. An example of this is the property portfolio we are currently promoting in the following areas: