At Grupo Merand we have a deep social commitment that we have developed for more than 20 years through our foundation Fundación Merand.

With the motto “Welfare for our people” as the foundation, we generate opportunities in the areas of health, education and sports aimed at the company’s employees, their families, and a large group of communities where we operate, aside from promoting the wellbeing and development of the elderly. Our goal is to raise funds for our programs and continue to contribute to the quality of life of our people and a friendlier society.

Blindness prevention

Fundación Merand signed an agreement with the Department of Ophthalmology at the medical center Centro Médico Docente La Trinidad for the prevention of blindness in Caracas, Venezuela. The project, aimed at low-income seniors, has provided surgery and treatment for diseases that could lead to blindness. The foundation has also sponsored transplant surgeries for children born with corneal swelling (edema).

Our programs

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